My Boarding

Name:Kefi Fadhilah                                                           

When I was six teen years old, I got most of educations in a village.School's name is Darussalam Subang Boarding school.The school far away from Bandung parent would spend about three hours if both of them want chat with me.Althougt I studied without my parent but I still have family,I never felt lonely because all of my friends always give me spirit and motivasion.During live in boarding, we always do whatever togeter because we take a breat in the same place.Like change the cloth,breakfast,serve lunch,sleep in one room and pray together in one meeting hole.After stayed two years for intensive class or five years for KUI (kuliyatu Ulum Allislamiyyah) we must prepare for inauguration to be manager.Accidentaly I come from intensive program,So I just study only for three years.
I worked while study because I have occopation as cooperation section when into manager position.But not only one who manage the cooperation, there are mom and three students be friendly.Zulfi,nidzar,Ali and me as coopration section usualy worked before breakfast,in time of rest,served lunch and dinner time.Without us the student can't bought the god,foods and some drink also.Because the key of cooperation only hold by us,no other section whose keep that special room expect our section.but we have to knew the conditions when we can enter to keep and when we let the cooperation looked.
Some time,homework or  Qor'an to memoriesing make bored.This problem have resolved by eazy going to look the scenery behind the boarding.There are the beatifull scenery like bird that fly on the sky,lake,nice and fisherman.Very nice when I training to do gymnastic with my brother beside the lake instead of playing footbaal like the other manager.I'm never playing football since graduated from jhs (junior hight school) untill now.Althougt much of friends used my brother's ball to play.For me,backroll or handspring is eazier than must herd to keep the ball into wicket is so hard.
Two years passed, the time is enough to be manager of cooperation section and enjoy without cooperation.It's mean, I have to give more attention for the real last exam.Entered to Natural class moreover must be the best   because I awared as cheaf of natural class ,The Teacher always gave more attention for whoever choosen as cheaf.In Friday,usualy my Parent came I wainted, but both weren'nt come.My best friend Devi ordered me to buy bread and mocacino coffe.I catched his money to buying some food and mocacino in the cooperation.And we went to the class, only he and me no other one in the class.We talked about our planning after graduated,we have one target to school at PBA UIN Bandung.
On day, the theacher commented he does'nt see one or more painting in the class.When I wish all member of Natural class A be able to collecting the money for buying equipment.Alhamdulillah, after one week the money is collected by Devi.We bought some equipment to make the painting in the market.Devi is an art man in boarding and scout section also, I asked him when paint Albert Einstein's face.We worked together to finish the painting in the night about at 10 p.m until half past 11 p.m.Before go to bed, I spreaded devi's bulge by wet lemongrass.Firstly I don't know why he asked me to do it,but after little time I knew he contracted by cancer.
The painting of Albert Einstent finished after a month.The teacher very wondered when looking the painting.I thought the painting wouldn't painted without Devi.But where is he?’ I haven't see againt from last nigt.Turn out he went to house for treatment.I waited him very long time but he didn't go back.he ever back one time to boarding but not be long his cancer serious relapsed.Finally I losed him, he go home for the secondly.I haven't look at his cheers againt forever because he was gone forever.He was died because his illness.I will never forget him ever after.


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